About US
Electric City Steel Drum Project
in Scranton PA

The Electric City Steel Drum Project (the "Project") offers a quality program of music instruction and performance opportunity for all members of the community.

More specifically, the purpose of the Project is to

  • encourage personal responsibility and self-discipline of participants
  • create opportunities for the development of leadership qualities in participants
  • cultivate a spirit of cooperation among participants
  • create an attitude of service to the community
  • advance the appreciation of a variety of genres of music
  • develop an understanding of the language and fundamentals of music
  • motivate participants to apply their musical ability beyond the Steel Band Project
  • encourage participants to evidence improvement in personal skills and musical talent to effectively contribute to the ensemble.

A steel band is unique in that all genres of music may be performed successfully on these instruments.  Ideally, students will be exposed to and learn many styles of music from a variety of cultures.  Some examples are traditional island music, classical, pop, rock, Latin American, Salsa, Reggae, Gospel, and seasonal.

Although there are many genres of music, Duke Ellington once said, "There are simply two kinds of music, good music and the other kind."  Our expectation is to produce "good music."

Participation in the Project is open to individuals of all ages, especially those who may not have any other avenues to pursue music training.  Although some musical knowledge and talent would be helpful, neither is a requirement for participation.  Our purpose is to cultivate in others a love of music and the desire to work with others, to treat others kindly, and to act responsibly.

Our Sponsors

Electric City Steel Drum Project would like to thank all our sponsors for their generous support.